How To Make Your Moving Experience Easier


If you’re in the process of moving, security systems may not be your top priority. After all, you already have enough to worry about – finding a moving company, getting everything packed, making sure everything with your old house is in order and so forth. However, security for a new home is not something that should be overlooked. You want to be sure your family and property will be fully protected against break-ins, fire and the wide range of risks every homeowner faces these days.

The good news is that if you are moving to Maricopa County, Arizona, Titan Alarm Inc. is available to handle all your home security needs. We can design and install a fully integrated security system for a new house featuring advanced smart technology. We also have the expertise to recommend the best security system for your needs and budget. We’ll handle all the details so you can focus more of your time and energy on the moving process.

Video Surveillance for 24/7 Property Monitoring

Our security systems for a new home can include IP video surveillance cameras featuring cutting-edge wireless technology for maximum placement flexibility. You will get the benefit of clear HD images along with the ability to view live and recorded camera feeds at any time via your smartphone. Adding intuitive video verification sensors can ensure a prompt response by law enforcement and virtually eliminate the possibility of a false alarm.

Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

A devastating house fire can occur at any time. Titan Alarm can install reliable fire alarms and smoke detectors that will provide the early warning to you and first responders that can save your home – and more importantly – the lives of your family. Detectors are also available that can alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide, that invisible, odorless but extremely deadly gas that kills hundreds of Americans each year.

Motion and Intrusion Sensors

The best way to stop intruders is to detect their presence before they can enter your home. We offer a wide variety of motion detection devices that will provide immediate alerts to you and local law enforcement should an uninvited guest attempt to breach your property. These devices can also be designed to trigger your exterior lighting system to frighten intruders away.

Energy Management Solutions

Titan Alarm is your headquarters for technologically advanced energy management systems that can help you reduce your home heating, cooling and electricity costs. These systems allow you to establish automated schedules for when your HVAC system and lights go on and off and make immediate adjustments with your smartphone or tablet.

Contact Titan Alarm Inc. to Explore Your Home Security System Options

Titan Alarm has more than a decade of providing state-of-the-art, fully integrated security solutions for homeowners in the Phoenix area and beyond. If you’re planning a move to Maricopa County and you need a security system for your new home, contact us to learn more about how we can make your moving experience so much easier.

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Best Places to Raise A Family throughout Arizona


So — you’ve decided that you want to live in the Phoenix, AZ area, but you’re not exactly enamored with the idea of residing within the city limits. Whether it’s due to concerns about crime, congestion, noise or pollution, the big city lifestyle might not be a good fit fo
r you.

But if you’re looking for the best place to raise a family around Phoenix, the good news is that there are plenty of viable opportunities in the surrounding suburbs. In this post, we’ll focus on some of the best places to raise a family in Maricopa County.

Gilbert, AZ

 Where is the safest place to raise a family in Maricopa County? The city of Gilbert is known for its low crime rate (0.96 violent crimes and 15.8 property crimes per 1,000 citizens), despite a relatively large population base of approximately 214,000 residents.

If you have or are planning to start a family, you’ll also be pleased to know that Gilbert places a strong emphasis on education, as evidenced by the school system’s impressive 92 percent graduation rate.

Paradise Valley, AZ

 The aptly named Paradise Valley is routinely listed as one of the best places to raise a family in Arizona. A small, affluent town of approximately 13,700 residents, Paradise Valley is known for its quiet, picturesque neighborhoods filled with beautiful Southwest-style single-family homes. The surrounding area includes features such as the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and Echo Canyon Park, which offer ample opportunities for recreation and family fun.

Carefree, AZ

 Another place that those who prefer small-town living are sure to find appealing is the community of Carefree. Located about 35 miles from Phoenix, Carefree was developed as a master-planned community in the 1950s and is currently home to approximately 3,500 residents. Key reasons that make Carefree one of the best places to raise a family are its low crime rate (7.39 crime per 1,000 residents), 97 percent high school graduation rate and abundance of family-oriented and cultural events.

Cave Creek, AZ

If you want more of a rural lifestyle for you and your family, the tiny town of Cave Creek (estimated population: 1,332) can meet your requirements. Despite its bucolic setting, Cave Creek has much to offer to people of all ages. The town offers easy access to a number of western-style amenities. You can also select from an assortment of attractive Southwest-style homes, many of which offer spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

Queen Creek, AZ

 Queen Creek appeals to budget-conscious families by offering one of the lowest median home prices in Maricopa County and a relatively low cost of living. This town of approximately 32,000 also offers a number of family-friendly activities, including festivals at Schnepf Farms and sporting and athletic events at the Barney Family Sports Complex.

Let Titan Alarm, Inc. Manage Your Home Security Needs

While you’re deciding where to raise a family around Phoenix, you’ll also want to consider your home security needs. Titan Alarm, Inc. offers a vast array of technologically advanced, cost-effective residential security solutions to homeowners throughout Maricopa County. Before you move into your new home, be sure to contact us to schedule a no-obligation home security consultation.

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East Coast to West Coast Moving Guide


What You Should Know About Moving West

Have you dreamed of making the move from the cramped, congested East Coast to the wide-open spaces of the West? Westward expansion has been part of American heritage dating back to the 19th century, when people pulled up stakes and piled into covered wagons in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

While the invention of the automobile allows for a faster, more comfortable journey, making the transition from east to west may not be as easy as you might think. Many who relocate west experience a bit of culture shock that requires some adjustment. What follows are some tips for moving from East Coast to West Coast that will give you some insight regarding what you can expect.


If you live in the Northeast, a big attraction to moving west is that you can escape the harsh, cold winters, especially if you are thinking of settling in Arizona. However, you should be prepared to deal with the heat – the average temperature in the Phoenix area during the summer months is in excess of 100 F. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about shoveling snow or driving during treacherous icy road conditions.

Job Market

Unless you are considering East Coast to West Coast moving to find a more hospitable place to retire, you will likely need to seek gainful employment. There is something about the spirit of the West that fosters a climate for innovation. While most are familiar with the proliferation of forward-thinking technology companies located in California’s Silicon Valley region, the Phoenix area is also known for its wide variety of job opportunities in a number of industries. In fact, Forbes magazine has projected Arizona to lead the nation in job growth in the years to come.

Cost of Living

Landing a high-paying job doesn’t have quite the same impact in areas where the cost of living is high. Although it varies from city to city, the cost of living on the West Coast is generally lower than in the East. Depending on where you choose to live, you may discover you have a little extra buying power to acquire those luxury items you’ve always wanted.

Recreational Opportunities

The more moderate year-round climate on the West Coast will definitely appeal to those who enjoy spending time outdoors. You will have plenty of opportunities to engage in extreme sports such as paragliding, rock climbing and base jumping, and the abundance of national parks that litter the western landscape allow for hiking, biking, camping or simply exploring.

What About Moving Expenses?

Any long-distance move can be expensive. While doing it yourself may be the cheapest way to move East Coast to West Coast and can save you a ton of money as opposed to hiring a full-service moving company, you will have to deal with the hassle and stress of transporting everything you own across the country. A convenient, cost-effective alternative to consider is hiring a self-service moving company. With this option, the company delivers a trailer to your door, gives you several days to load, then drives the trailer to your new destination.

What about a Security System for Your New Home?

Installing a home security system is your best defense against the threat of burglary, theft, fire and vandalism. Titan Alarm Inc. is widely regarded as the best security system provider in Phoenix Arizona, and features revolutionary home automation systems with advanced smart technology for simplified remote monitoring, video surveillance, energy management, access control and more.

Contact Titan Alarm for more useful tips concerning moving to out west – including the selection of the right security system for your home.

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Questions To Ask When You Buy A Home


10 Safety Questions to Ask Buying a New Home

Most prospective home buyers spend a great deal of time making sure a property has the number of rooms and other amenities and features they need to live as comfortably as possible. However, many neglect to give serious consideration to one critical factor: safety. It is imperative that the home and surrounding area can offer the secure lifestyle you and your family deserve. What follows are a few important safety questions to ask before moving into a house:

  1. What is the crime rate in the neighborhood?

Just because a neighborhood appears to be quiet and peaceful, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is free of crime. Ask your realtor if they are able to supply recent crime statistics for the neighborhood. You can also gain information by visiting websites such as

  1. How recently have the door locks been changed?

Keys can easily fall into the wrong hands, and you can never be certain that the previous owners still do not have duplicate keys in their possession. A key safety question to ask a realtor is how long it has been since the locks were changed. The most prudent course of action is to have new locks installed prior to moving in.

  1. What are the neighbors like?

There’s a good chance the realtor has had some contact with the neighbors, so be sure to ask questions regarding what they do for a living, whether they seem to be sociable, etc.

  1. Are the appliances in good working order?

Another of the vital safety questions to ask before buying a house concerns the condition of the household appliances. You can learn a lot on your own just by testing the burners on the stove, running the water taps and exploring the inside of the refrigerator.

  1. Are window coverings included?

Ask your realtor whether the curtains, blinds or drapes are staying with the home. If the previous owner plans to take them, you will need to replace them to prevent passersby from seeing inside.

  1. When was the last mold test?

Mold is a common problem in many homes these days. Another important question to ask before moving into a house is whether a mold test has been conducted within the past five to 10 years.

  1. How many fire extinguishers are on the premises?

Every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen as well as other higher fire-risk areas such as basements and attics.

  1. Are the smoke detectors working properly?

Smoke detectors can be lifesavers in the event of a fire. It’s a good idea to test them yourself to ensure they’re working properly, as well as to change the batteries prior to moving in.

  1. Does the home have a video surveillance system?

Yet another important question to ask before moving into a new home is whether it has any type of video surveillance system already installed.

  1. What, if any, additional security devices are included?

Ask your realtor about the existence of additional security devices such as motion sensors and access control products.

Contact Titan Alarm, Inc. to learn more about the safety questions to ask a realtor, particularly those pertaining to home security systems.

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Your Master Checklist for What to Remember When You Move


Congratulations! You’ve decided to make the move to Maricopa County, Arizona, one of the most beautiful and fastest-growing regions in the United States. Maricopa County cities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Surprise have so much to offer in terms of career, lifestyle, recreation and more.

However, moving to any brand-new city poses a number of challenges – there are so many details that are easy to overlook. In this post, we have provided a master checklist for what you need to do when you move to make the entire process go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Six Weeks Prior to Moving Day

Advance planning is the key to a successful, stress-free move. You should begin process at a minimum of six weeks prior to moving day by taking the following steps:

  • Unless you are planning a do-it-yourself move, contact several moving companies for estimates
  • Starting packing items you want to take with you but aren’t planning to use over the next six weeks
  • Plan a garage sale for items you won’t be taking with you
  • Contact insurance agents about changing your home and auto coverage
  • Make a list of individuals/companies you need to notify regarding your change of address

Four Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Contact the mover you’ve selected to obtain an itemized list of moving expenses
  • Schedule a packing day with your mover
  • Contact your current and new utility companies to make arrangements for connecting/disconnecting service
  • Make arrangements to move your pets and plants if applicable
  • Contact a security alarm system provider in your new city to discuss your home security needs

Three Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Gather all essential financial documents, deeds, insurance policies, etc.
  • Make travel arrangements for you and your family
  • Close out your bank accounts and open new ones in Maricopa County

Two Weeks Prior to Moving Day

  • Have vehicles serviced in preparation for the trip to your new home
  • Contact all current home delivery companies about terminating delivery
  • Schedule the disconnection of any appliances

One Week Prior to Moving Day

  • Transfer/withdraw bank funds
  • Set aside any cartons containing clothing and other items you will need during the move
  • Make sure all medical prescriptions are refilled
  • Make arrangements for child/pet care during the move
  • Prepare a package of items you will need immediately upon arrival at your new home

Moving Day

  • Walk through your old home prior to leaving to make sure nothing has been missed
  • Record all utility meter readings
  • Make sure the moving van driver has directions to your new home, as well as your cellphone number
  • Review and sign the bill of lading
  • Lock all doors and windows and drop off the house keys at the prearranged location – real estate agent’s office, neighbor, etc.

Who Should I Contact if I Need a Security System Installed for My New Home?

Titan Alarm Inc. can help you with your home security needs in Maricopa County. Give us a call about four to six weeks prior to your move to discuss your home security system options!

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