Home Security In Phoenix With Titan Access Controls

Home security is a key concern in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding area. The suburbs of Phoenix area wonderful, sunny place, and a great place to raise kids for the most part, but isn’t a 100% rosy place. There is a dark side as well. Many people don’t know that Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the United States, and possibly the world. Mostly illegal immigrants are kidnapped and forced into effective slavery here, on this highway from Mexico to the rest of the United States.

Some areas of the city are more susceptible than others to this type of dangerous activity, and such neighborhoods tend to experience higher than typical crimes of other nature as well. South Phoenix and Maryvale in west Phoenix are particularly notorious for being dangerous neighborhoods, although crimes such as murder, rape and robber can happen anywhere (and in any city for that matter).

In these neighborhoods in particular, home security is paramount. In many areas in Phoenix, homes might have bars on the windows to keep out intruders, although this might not be the most effective strategy. The best way to deter a burglar is to make the house as unattractive as possible from a theft standpoint, and to make it difficult to break into unnoticed at the same time. The key here is “unnoticed” as any modern house can be entered without a key quite easily. Thus a burglar’s main concern isn’t about getting in per se, but about doing so and getting away with it.

Install heavy duty locks on the doors, complete with deadbolts. A simple latch can be opened easily, even for someone with minimal experience, and a credit card or other thin, flexible object. Deadbolts require much more equipment, time or brute force to break in to, and their existence may simply cause a potential thief to shop elsewhere.

Security bars on windows are a debated line of defense. They do make it much harder for someone to get in. Obviously glass is not difficult to get through – a rock or a kick will shatter glass, either enabling direct access through that window, or allowing a latch to be opened, through the broken opening. Bars prevent direct entry. However, bars on a window can be a drawback for two reasons. One is that bars advertise to the neighborhood that the homeowner is concerned about security. If someone is overly concerned about security, a burglar might wonder why, and consider the home to be a more attractive target. This is the opposite of what a homeowner wants. The second drawback for window bars is that they cannot often be opened from the inside. In case of a fire, that window cannot easily be used to escape the building.

Some window bar systems have breakaway releases that are access near the window inside the building but which cannot be reached from outside. These are much safer in fires, but still might be difficult to release for panicked occupants.

The best option is a security system by Titan Alarm. Our systems offer comprehensive monitoring solutions, including remote access control, text-based notifications, and climate control monitoring. With a Titan System, you will always know your Phoenix home is secure.

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Titan Security Solutions for Phoenix Security

Titan Alarm is the best choice for your Phoenix security needs, for a few reasons. We’re locally owned and operated, so you know that our systems are tailored specifically for your needs, and you know we’re not pre-occupied halfway across the nation. We provide security to primarily the Phoenix area, with a few other locations around Arizona and the Southwest.

Our state of the art systems do much more than simply scaring off burglars. Via text, you’ll receive instant notifications and updates about your system. You’ll know the second it goes off, and will know which doors and windows have been compromised. Our systems also let you know if the power has gone out in the rest of the neighborhood if the power is out to your house. This makes a big difference, since a neighborhood power outage is most likely benign.

Titan Security Solutions have features beyond security. Our systems integrate with the thermostat in your home to keep the interior at the perfect temperature. This helps you save money, since the climate system can keep the temperature closer to the outside when the house is empty. For example, in summer, Phoenix is incredibly hot and the need for air conditioning makes the electric bill skyrocket. With Titan’s intelligent climate control system, the thermostat can be kept higher during the day when the rates and temperature are high, but no one is home to need cool rooms anyway.

Our great Phoenix solutions are ideal for your home. Everything is controlled by one central device, helping you live more cheaply, safely and happily.

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The Best Line of Home Security

Most people in populated areas keep their doors locked at night and when they are away from the house. These practices are a great first line of defense, and certainly prevent the laughably easy tactic of simply walking in and walking out with valuables. However, for anyone with a little skill and a little time, home locks are stupidly easy, and relatively useless for providing actual protecting.

As any locksmith can tell you, picking a lock is actually quite easy. Tools are easy to make – a piece of hard wire such as an old bicycle spoke filed to the proper shape and perhaps an old bristle from a street sweeper that you can find just lying in the street will often do the trick. And while they are illegal in many jurisdictions, buying such tools is anything but impossible, thanks to the internet.

You might think, “OK, thieves might easily get in, but I’ll just keep my valuables in a heavy safe.” This is a great idea, except that safes aren’t as safe as you think. It’s a lot harder to get into a safe than a home, due to the specialized combination locks that are designed to be pick-resistant, but trusting the weight of a safe to prevent someone carrying it off is silly. You were able to get the safe into the house – a thief can get it out. Most of them plan for this and bring a dolly, which makes the process relatively straightforward and simple.

Bolting a safe down makes it much harder to remove, especially if the bolts are welded into place. But even a bolted-down safe can be moved with the proper equipment. Again, if it was built, it can be dismantled; if it was moved in, it can be moved out. So, with this uncertainty, is there no way to properly defend against determined thieves?

One line of defense that has a very low likelihood of being defeated, while simultaneously not breaking the bank, is a Titan Phoenix security system. Titan systems utilize a multi-tiered defense configuration. The first line of defense is a sensitive alarm network. All doors and windows use a high-tech magnetic system to determine which zones are being breached. Motion detectors within the house ensure that in the weird case of someone entering through some opening that is not a door or window (or in the more plausible case of a window being left open when the alarm is armed), the alarm will still sound. All of these alerts and alarms are synched with the owner’s mobile device. Unlike early alarm systems that simply sounded a tone in the home, but did nothing to actually alert anyone, Titan’s systems ensure that you’ll know immediately when defenses are breached.

Finally, a closed circuit camera system, also synched with your mobile device, means that you can monitor your home in real time from a remote location. And with a direct link to the police department even if you’re unable to see the notifications, the system will spread the alarm automatically, in the event of a break-in.

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Guarding Against Home Invasion in Phoenix

Home security in Phoenix,az is a growing concern. Hundreds of homes are broken into in the Phoenix area every year, and the frequency really has nothing to do with the neighborhood. While you’re probably more likely to be murdered in some Phoenix neighborhoods than others, home invasion is surprisingly widely distributed. This is because “bad” neighborhoods are often poorer, and while the people who are interested in breaking in live in the area, the homes themselves are not high-value targets. By contrast, “good” neighborhoods house people who are less likely to break in, but the homes are more prominent targets. Probably the most prevalent break in activity occurs near the junctions of affluent and poor neighborhoods.

To prevent against home invasion in Phoenix, there are several strategies. One is common sense. Get good locks and deadbolts for the doors and windows. Don’t leave the house with things unlocked. Keep bushes and trees trimmed up and away from the home, to ensure clear lines of sight from the street to the house. Talk to the neighbors and get to know them, and get another set of eyes watching your house.

The second strategy is getting a dog. A lot of people are afraid of dogs, especially big ones, and so assume that a dog will keep the house safe. However, most dogs, unless they are specifically trained, can be won over by a burglar and do little more than create noise (which may be enough to make a burglar nervous).

The best line of defense is a security system by Titan Alarm. Securing homes in the Phoenix area Titan is a local company specializing in all things home automation. While some home alarm systems simply make noise, and then call the police and the home owner after a minute or two, Titan’s systems allow for a more comprehensive real-time home monitoring system. Sensors combined with cameras mean that when your home is entered, you’ll know immediately.

This real time monitoring system isn’t just for keeping burglars out and valuables in; it’s also a great way to keep your interior climate control easily at hand. Titan’s systems work on a timer or remote activation, so that you’ll save money on your electric bill. In this way, we work with you to provide a comprehensive system that protects from multiple angles.

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Protecting Your Glendale Home

Home safety in Glendale is a matter of avoiding some common pitfalls in home decoration and security. In order to stay safe in your home, keep the doors locked. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Perhaps someone comes to the door for some other reason, such as to deliver a package or solicit some product or service. If the door is open, maybe he or she will decide to just walk in and take something. The crime wasn’t thought out beforehand, but because the homeowner made it so easy, the crime happened. It might have been easily prevented by simply locking the doors. Titan Alarm allows you to remotely lock doors that may have been forgotten in a rush, and to check the status of your home at any time.

Glendale Home Security System

Windows should also be kept locked. Imagine if you ever got accidentally locked out of the house. Probably the first thing you’d do would be to check for an unlocked window in order to get back in. That’s what burglars think of too. It’s incredibly easy to just slide a window open and get inside. Even most screens can be removed intact and replaced later, leaving no sign of entry or exit (and those that can’t still don’t provide any protection whatsoever).

The third line of defense is a good landscaping scheme. If you maintain clear lines of sight between your front door and the street, it will be easy for neighbors to spot any suspicious activity. Furthermore, actually going next door and meeting the neighbors can be a great way to enlist them in defense of your home. Many people in modern America don’t bother to befriend their neighbors, and their home safety suffers for it.

Finally, a quality alarm system is essential for monitoring the status of your home and dealing with any possible situations as they arise. Titan’s Security Suite does much more than simply sounding an alarm if a door is opened. We offer comprehensive home management systems. From your smartphone, in a remote location, you’ll be able to handle any security threats. View home activity in real-time via the HD 100 security camera. Check status of locks and alarms, and unlock doors and disarm alarms to let visitors in while you’re away. A feature not related to security offered by the home management system is climate control. Use the remote access login to adjust the thermostat so that your home doesn’t waste energy when you’re gone but returns to a balmy, comfortable temperature when you return.

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance in Phoenix

At Titan Alarm our goal is more than just providing a security system. Our goal is to be a consultant for all your security needs. We would like the opportunity to educate you on the solution that is the best fit for your changing needs. We will never quote your job over the phone because quoting a quality surveillance system requires experience, innovation, and creativity that can only be done on-site and in person. We provide the best quality security cameras, surveillance cameras, IP cameras, and CCTV cameras in Phoenix, to help protect you.


  • Real time display with multi-camera views from local network (LAN)
  • Remote viewing and management allows for off-site live or recorded viewing
  • 3G: See your cameras from your Blackberry, Droid, and iPhone
  • User definable quality, speed and scheduling of video for each camera
  • Search by alarm, motion detection or event.
  • Data encryption and authentication seal security recordings for added security


  • Visible cameras reduce chance of employee incidents
  • Monitor for shoplifters
  • Monitor outside vendors and service providers (delivery personnel, cleaning crews, etc.)
  • Monitor parking facilities for vehicle theft


  • Improve employee productivity
  • Monitor employee communication with customers
  • Monitor unacceptable behavior between employees


  • Identify vandals
  • Monitor vulnerable areas such as those under construction, etc.
  • Reduce property damage
  • Reduce break-ins to autos and/or facilities


  • Reduce incidents and insurance claims
  • Assist in the resolution of claims
  • May reduce insurance premiums

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Access Control

access controlAccess Control means much more than you think. Did you know that when you issue a key to an employee, you have just forfeited control of your facility? Keys can be copied, stolen, lost, abused, etc.

Access Control Systems Protect Your Business Call: (800) 973-9001 Today!

Titan Alarm offers highly scalable, intelligent access control systems that support all types of access control functions.

Access Control Systems

Whether you need a simple 1-2 door system for a small business or need an enterprise level system covering 10,000 doors across multiple facilities, we have the right solution to meet your demands and help you regain control of your facility.

Professional Installation
At Titan Alarm, we hire the most skilled installers available so that we can provide a “turn key” solution. With other providers, the installation of the access control system may be divided amongst different sub-contractor specialists. Our installers perform the entire installation, from the wiring to the installation of the locks to the programming of the system server. Once the system is complete our installers will take the time to walk you through the operation of the system.

access control sales

We can add access control onto virtually any type of door! Maglocks, strikes, electrified handle sets, automatic door openers, or handicapped door systems can all be installed or configured to work with our systems.

Our systems are capable of any type of access/egress device, including:

access control installation

  • Smart Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Proximity Cards
  • Biometric Devices (Fingerprint/Retina Scan/Handprint)
  • Keypad
  • Bar Code Cards
  • Wiegand Cards
  • REX Devices (Motion Detectors/Push Buttons/Infrared/Crashbars)

Whether you just need to protect one door or have multiple facilities that you need integrated, Titan Alarm has the expertise and technology available to create the perfect access control solution for your business.

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Why should I have a home security alarm system?

Why should I have a home security alarm system?

Your home is by far the most important place in the world, and you want to safeguard your family in every way possible. That’s why we install the best home security systems, and provide world class 24/7 protection for your home.

The Titan Alarm Difference
Interactive systems powered by Alarm.com to match any lifestyle!

  • Find out when the kids get back from
    school, or what time your teen got in last night.
  • Add water sensors to your basement to detect
    a flood in time to prevent costly damage.
  • Get an alert sent to your phone if the garage
    door is left open too long.
  • Find out if your teenager spent the afternoon
    playing video games in the basement or
    upstairs (hopefully) doing homework.


Here’s what else you can expect from Titan:

  • Fast alarm response
  • Great local service
  • Low monthly monitoring fees
  • Easy-to-use systems
  • 24-hour monitoring by trained professionals
  • Money-Back and Relocation Guarantees
  • Business and Home Insurance Certificates


What Should a Home Security Alarm System Include?

Most systems rely on a combination of contacts placed on doors and windows, along with a motion detector strategically placed in the house by a professional technician. To receive the best protection, Titan recommends that all exterior entry points have contacts that sense when they are open or closed. In some cases, a glassbreak sensor would be a better choice for protection.

Motion detectors should not be used as the primary means of detection because they do not detect someone until they are already in the house. The primary means of detection would be door, window and glassbreak detectors. A motion detector is considered a secondary means of detection.

The basic elements of a standard home security system include:

  • Control panel: This is where the system wiring terminates, the backup battery is located and where it is connected to the phone lines if it is a monitored system.
  • Keypad: This is where the system is armed and disarmed.
  • Siren: Interior siren typically between 80-106dB, comparable to a Police siren.
  • Inside motion detector: These sense changes in a room caused by human presence. Special motion detectors are available for people who have pets.
  • Door and window contacts: This sounds the alarm when the door or window is opened (and the system is on).
  • A central monitoring station (Company): If the system is monitored, and the alarm is set off, the control panel sends a message to a central monitoring station, which is manned 24 hours a day.
  • After attempting to contact the homeowner, the central monitoring station will contact the police, fire department, or medics.
  • There is usually a monthly fee for this service.


Additional items that can be added to the basic system are:

  • Smoke Detector
  • Glassbreak Detector
  • Panic Button
  • Additional Keypad
  • Security Cameras allow monitoring and/or recording inside or outside a home.
  • Water or Temperature Sensors


Things to Remember About Home Security Alarm Systems

  • Burglars realize most security systems sound inside the house and then the alarm is transferred to remote locations through the telephone lines.
  • Most phone lines are typically exposed on the outside of the house in an easily accessible location where the phone line can be cut. If the telephone line is cut, the security alarm system cannot notify the central monitoring station of the break-in.
  • If the phone line is run underground until it is inside the home (with the main telephone junction box inside the home), the thief cannot tamper with the telephone line until after he or she has broken in.
  • Having a protected phone line to your house is a good idea whether you have a security alarm system or not.
  • Remember: Security systems do not prevent thieves from breaking into homes.
  • A good security plan should include strong window, door and lock products and good security habits.

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