4 Ways to Control Your Home

Have you ever been away from home and need to have a package delivered or have someone check in on your house?

Now there’s an easier solution. With a Titan Alarm system we offer so many different smart home automation options for different problems. Every home and every situation is always going to be different, that’s why Titan Alarm offers customized solutions for you and your needs.

Here are some of the easiest ways to be able to interact and use the smart home automation system for your house.

Smartphone and Tablet

Titan Alarm is powered by Alarm.com and we utilize every aspect of this application, which syncs to your home security and home automation center in your home. The application is available for iOS and Android and turns your phone into a mobile command center for your house.

With the Alarm.com application it enables you to have instant notifications sent to your phone concerning your house and it’s home security and automation system. Titan Alarm enables you to completely control all spectrums of your home security and home automation system.




Amazon Echo

This is one of the coolest releases in the past few years. Now with Amazon Echo and Alexa, your whole house can be controlled by your voice!

Want to turn on the lights while your arms are full of groceries? Just ask Alexa to turn on the lights!

You can use only your voice to control so many new and different aspects of your smart home automation and security system!


Amazon Echo 1



Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

If you’re watching TV when the door bell rings you can use your remote for either device to navigate quickly to the native Alarm.com application and see who’s at the door and check your other cameras around the house as well.

Both of these applications have been designed by Alarm.com to make viewing all your live feeds from your house painless. That way you have a larger screen to view more detail from the cameras rather than using a smaller smart phone screen to see everything. The tv applications allow up to four live feeds simultaneously to stream to your tv.



Smartwatch Apps

With the Alarm.com application for the Apple Watch, it allows awareness, control and visibility all at a quick glance of your wrist, which makes it an amazing part to integrate into your smart home system. With the taptic feedback responses programmed into the watch, it can let you know when something is happening with your smart home automation system.


alarm.com apple watch


Learn More About Smart Home Technology

Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.

Smarter Home Security

What is it that truly makes a home security system from Titan Alarm a “smarter” home security system?

There’s quite a few answers for that question, but one of the easiest answer, is because Titan Alarm is powered by Alarm.com.

Alarm.com has it’s own app, so it helps you manage and control your whole home in one easy to use application, but why should you opt for choosing Titan Alarm as your home security provider?


We are built smarter.

When a security system is triggered, it has to signal for help in emergency situations. This is where we are steps ahead of the competition, traditional systems use your cable and phone connection, but Titan Alarm uses reliable and dedicated cellular connections for their signals to transmit. That way it counters thieves who try to use wire cutters to cut your phone line, or if the power is out because of a storm. Titan Alarm has the best solution for your home, to keep it safe when you’re home or away and we always have cutting edge technology to boot.

Smarter Home Security App.jpg

Smart, User Friendly Controls

Your traditional, wired, security systems are all controlled at the panel on your wall, with a security system from Titan Alarm, you have access to control your system with your phone, with a selection of smartwatches and now, with your own voice! You can now interact with your system no matter where you are, like checking who is at the door while your kids are home alone, or receiving notifications when your front door opens or closes.

Four Ways to Control Your Smart Home

Proactive Steps

Titan Alarm is constantly taking proactive steps to make sure you are protected in case of an emergency. If the Titan Alarm system is in use and installed properly, it can detect smoke, flooding and even carbon monoxide. For example, if there is a fire and the system senses smoke, it will be able to sound the alarms, contact the local authorities, turn off all the lights and shuts off your HVAC system, to prevent the fire from spreading even more. If the sensors detect a water leak or flooding, it can turn off your entire water system in your house to prevent even more flooding. These are just a few amazing steps that Titan Alarm takes in preventing emergencies and stopping the emergencies from spreading and getting worse.


It makes your whole house smart

Everywhere you go, all you hear about is people having “smart homes” with Titan Alarm, it then turns your whole house into a smart home and gives you unlimited options and ways to control your house. We can make so many different aspects of your house automated, a doorbell, video cameras, smart locks, lighting and even garage door openers! There are so many different options you can add to your Titan Alarm system.

Every option and device that we add to your home security system, is all controlled through the Alarm.com app!


A smarter way to own it

Luckily this home automation system, doesn’t have to be installed by yourself! With Titan Alarm we have professional technicians that can come in and install your system to make sure it’s properly installed and working, that way you know it’s working when a crisis hits.

Want to learn more about a home automation system or pull the trigger and have it installed? Contact Titan Alarm today and give us a call! 602-680-4567.


Learn More About Smart Home Technology

Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.