Holiday Vacation Tips

3 Security Vacation Tips

As one of the busiest travel seasons approaches make sure your holidays aren’t ruined by using the 5 following tips to protect your home that is protected with home security in Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert or Paradise Valley.

The following guidelines outline how to avoid travel risks.

1. Secure your phone, tablet and laptop. If you are using one of these devices to monitor your home security system, make sure that all of your devices are password protected. If you on the off chance do lose your iPhone or iPad make sure to wipe them with Find My iPhone so that no one can access your user data and access your home security system.




2. If possible, don’t bring valuables. Leave as much jewelry and other fine items at home, locked in a safe place.



3. Social media can wait. Share limited information on social media about your location and length of travel. Over sharing, even with friends and family, can provide Internet trolls enough information to know you’re not at home, putting your assets at risk. Also, vacation is better this way—take time to unplug.

social media


Holidays are a crucial time to have a Home Security System, lots of burglars know that people will be out of town and away from their homes, leaving it a vulnerable spot to break in and rob. The last thing you want to do when you come back from a holiday vacation is come home to find your house has been robbed.

Home security is a great way to keep yourself, your loved ones and  your valuable items safe and sound. With a Titan Alarm Home Security System you’re taking the right step to protecting yourself.

To learn more about a Home Security System in Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix,az, Chandler, Gilbert or Paradise Valley contact Titan Alarm today! Call 602-680-4567 or TEXT US! 623-523-4849.

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Thanksgiving Travel

Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, so Titan Alarm is here to give you some easy tips to keep you worry and stress free about your home during the holidays!

Keep your yard clean: If you’re out cleaning leaves from the gutters, or replacing shingles before the cold winter snow sets in, make sure you don’t leave any ladders out if you’re not using them.

Dumb as a Rock: Don’t leave any keys hidden that someone could find, burglars know all the good spots.

Silence is Golden: While you’re away make sure your voice mail is on the lowest volume and that your land lines are on mute so that no one can hear the phones ringing over and over again when you’re not home.

You’ve Got Mail: Have all mail held at the post office or have a neighbor get the mail for you while you’re gone.

Lockdown: Lock and Secure all windows, make sure you don’t forget the ones upstairs as well.

Home Alone: Use timers to operate lights to make it look like there are people home.

Last but not least, one of the best ways you can protect your house is to have a Titan Alarm system installed in your home, our systems include 24 hour monitoring to keep your home safe and sound.

If you’d like to learn more, call Titan Alarm at 602-680-4567 or TEXT US! 623-523-4849

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Press Release November 2015

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Mike Proudfit – CEO

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Titan Alarm Inc.
Press Release
Monday November 16th, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona—With an eye toward growing their commercial portfolio, and acquisition activity in Arizona, full service security firm Titan Alarm Inc. announced this month it has a new Utah based equity investor. This is the first equity raise for the company since it was founded in 2008. CEO Mike Proudfit said “We knew we needed to clean up our balance sheet to prepare Titan for future growth, specifically our acquisition strategy.  We feel fortunate to have found a partner who shares Titan’s vision of major growth through acquisitions.” Titan has grown organically in both the residential and commercial markets and has made significant investments in their systems and people. Mike said, “All of our efforts in building a strong platform has led to being able to execute on our acquisition strategy, which begins in 2016. We will be approaching companies in the state of Arizona with talented employees. We don’t just want to acquire RMR, we want the talented people that helped generate and maintain that RMR over the years.”

Companies with RMR from access control, surveillance systems, fire alarms, and residential and commercial intrusion alarms will be great bolt on acquisitions for Titan Alarm. While the Arizona market is competitive, the management at Titan feels strongly about their position for future growth. “We love this industry and business just a little more than our competition does” said Mike Proudfit. He went on to say, “our website, our products, our marketing strategy can all be replicated, what makes us different is our culture, our people, and our passion which cannot be copied, compared or matched.” In dealing and meeting with many local security business owners Mike said, “they want to start enjoying life just a little bit more. Running billing statements at 11PM and back office headaches are just a few things preventing that personal touch or amazing service they so badly want to offer their customers.” Titan Alarm has a few acquisition opportunities lined up for 2016 and is actively searching for more talent and RMR within Arizona.


Home Security Tips for the Holidays.

With the holidays approaching faster than anyone knows what to do with, it’s time for us to start helping everyone out with a few security tips to keep their homes safe while the hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes over.

1. A Lived In House. Make it look like you’re still home when you’re away, have lights on a timer, ask a neighbor to collect your mail while you’re gone, these are two great ways to make burglars think you’re still home.



2. Contact Titan. Make sure you get a hold of us to update all your contact numbers before you head out of town, that way if something happens we can get ahold of you immediately.

3. Conceal valuables. Keep valuable items out of sight from anyone looking outside the house. Don’t keep spare keys in places obvious to burglars such as under a flower pot or fake rock. Remove valuable items from sight in your car, if parked in the driveway, and put a lock on the steering wheel.



4. Decorations. Make sure your holiday decorations don’t cover vital parts of your Titan Alarm Home Security System.


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