Life Safety and Fire Alarm Systems

Ensuring that a life safety and fire alarm system not only meets code, but also keeps your property and people safe is of utmost importance for any business or property owner. In Phoenix, you need a company with the experience and dedication to customer satisfaction to ensure that your building and business are safe. Titan Alarm is one of the leaders in Arizona for providing safe, affordable life safety and fire alarm systems. Our professional technicians are licensed and certified, ensuring that you can trust the quality and attention to detail as your system is installed. 

As a full service fire, life safety, and security services provider, we can assist your business with:

  • Fire alarm/life safety systems design
  • NICET engineered plans/drawings
  • System installation or modification
  • Testing and inspection services, as required by NFPA72 code
  • 24/7 monitoring through our UL-listed, FM-approved monitoring station
  • 24/7 emergency service

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When it comes to the safety of your employees, visitors, and property, you need a local Phoenix company that pays attention to detail and to you. We are dedicated to your satisfaction throughout the installation of your system, as well as through the daily monitoring of your. A fast response to questions and timely, professional service are important to us because they are important to you!

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.

Parking Lot Video Surveillance and Security Cameras

Parking lots are often overlooked when thinking about video surveillance and security camera systems at your business. If you run a business or facility where there’s parking lots, then you should be keeping an eye on vehicles that come and go with security cameras and proper video surveillance. By doing so you can be better prepared incase there’s vandalism, theft or a car accident.
Video Surveillance and Security Cameras add quite a few benefits to your business, another benefit is that parking lot video surveillance and security cameras is if your parking lot requires a fee to use it, you can see cars who didn’t pay or over stayed what they paid for in advance. HD IP Cameras for video surveillance and security cameras are highly recommended because they are able to see extremely clear resolutions which lead to more detail in images to all recognition of license plates.

Video Surveillance and Security Cameras are a major part of keeping your employees and visitors safe in the parking lot, especially at night when there may be hidden dangers.



Another benefit video surveillance and security cameras add is the insurance of if a vehicle is hit and the car doesn’t stop or a vehicle is broken into, you have recorded footage and you have the ability to review the footage and try to identify the vehicle that didn’t stop or the criminal who broke into a car.

With Titan Alarm, your video surveillance and security camera needs are met by our professional team. Whether you want video surveillance and security cameras for identifying cars that don’t pay or you want to keep your parking lot safe, a Titan Alarm Video Surveillance and Security Cameras system is the best way to go. Contact our professional team today!

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.

4 Tips for Security Cameras at Home

Security Cameras can be extremely helpful around the house, for monitoring rooms, to keep an eye on the exterior of your house. We’re going to go over some of the best spots for placement of security cameras for exterior monitoring of your house.


1. Your Front Door. A recent statistic states that 34% of burglars break into houses using the front door. So positioning a security camera over your front door is important. Making sure that the security camera is positioned at the front door is vital to making sure you can have the best coverage and best angles for your front door. With our technology you can see who rings your door bell with your security camera. Make sure with positioning that the camera is out of reach from sticks and the reach of burglars. If you have one of our professionally trained technicians come out and install your security camera you won’t have to worry about the positioning.



2. Your Back Door. Another statistic if that 22% of burglars break into houses using the back door. So having another camera positioned here is almost just as vital. Again, make sure that if you’re self installing the camera that it’s out of reach of burglars. The bottom line is that you have all of your points of entry covered with security cameras.



3. Your Backyard. Burglars love a good backyard, they’re normally full of tools, BBQ equipment, kids toys and recreational equipment. Make sure your backyard is armed with a Motion Sensor floodlight and a night vision security camera to keep your belongings safe. If you have a gate in the back yard make sure that there’s a security camera positioned to watch the entrance.



4. The Garage. Keep your vehicles safe. Keep a security camera positioned in your garage positioned on your valuables. Some people keep a workshop in the garage too, so you may need multiple angles covered, so run multiple security cameras in your garage.



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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.

Video Surveillance From Your Couch

Camera surveillance monitoring in Phoenix just went to a whole new level. With the latest update from, you  can now check your Video Surveillance system from your TV! Thanks to the Amazon Fire and Apple TV it will now be available all from your couch.

Video Surveillance Phoenix

Imagine, it’s Sunday afternoon, you’re relaxing at home and it’s 110 degrees out, because Phoenix is a death trap of heat during summer, you hear someone knocking on the door and you’re not feeling in the mood to get up off the couch and open the front door to embrace the blazing heat, instead you just flick through your Amazon Fire to view who’s at your front door!

The newest application on the Amazon Fire allows you to view simultaneous video streams, you can now view up to four cameras from around your house! The Amazon Fire luckily has an app built into it for the system,  unfortunately the Apple TV doesn’t. Fear not though, if you are using an iPad or iPhone you can still view your video surveillance systems from your TV as well if you have an Apple TV. In a matter of a few steps you can view your application on your TV if you have an Apple TV connected to it!

We’ll take you through the steps of how to view it, but this is a disclaimer, we do not offer technical support for this, so contact Apple if you are having issues getting it to work.

  1. Make sure your iOS device and Apple TV are connected to the same network.
  2. Turn on Airplay on your iOS device and select your Apple TV, once that is selected you will have an option to Mirror, make sure that option is turned on.
  3. Access your Alarm com app from your iOS device and you should be able to view the application and video surveillance on your TV.

These new devices bring Video Surveillance to a whole new level, instead of having complicated wiring at your residence for video surveillance, it’s now as simple as using your smart phone to stream the application to your TV or using an app built into an external device for your TV.


For more information on Video Surveillance and Phoenix Video Surveillance contact us!

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.