Home Automation with Voice Control

Imagine controlling your whole house, with the power of your voice. Things like the air conditioning or the kitchen lights, all controlled with a mere voice command. It’s now easily accessible for you and your house! With the pairing of alarm.com and Amazon Echo’s voice control Alexa, you can now control your smart home with voice commands!



Here is how this amazing technology works:

Naming and Grouping Devices

When it comes time to start configuring all of your devices with the Amazon Echo, make sure to use this pro tip and try to group together similar items into one name, that way it’s even easier to control with your voice. For example, if you have multiple smart lights that are configured in your living room, group them all together, then name them something like “Living Room Lights” that way when you want to control the whole living room, you just tell Alexa, “Living Room Lights off” and your whole living room with turn off. Make sure to try and apply this in multiple rooms that way you have an easier time controlling your smart home.

When you have to name your group Amazon has a few times for truly utilizing Alexa’s full capabilities.

  • Make sure you use a different name for each group in your house.
  • Names that only have two or three syllables are the easiest for Alexa to recognize.
  • Use names that will be easy for you to remember and not take too long to say.
  • Set groups that will work together and not be effected by one another turning on or off.

Be sure to really think about how you will use your house’s lights and thermostats on the everyday basis, and then build the groups in your Alexa app to match your lifestyle and house.



Say the Commands

Once you have set up and configured your smart devices in with Alexa and Amazon Echo, turning on or off your groups are as easy as saying the command out loud. The Amazon Echo and Alexa are command specific and not voice specific, so if anyone in the house says the correct phrasing then Alexa will follow through and either turn on or off the grouping paired with that command.

This set up obviously makes it extremely convenient to go and change out the settings without having to actually use a light switch or have to pull out your smartphone. Imagine how awesome that can be if you’re walking into a dark house with arms full of groceries and all you have to do is say out loud, “Alexa Kitchen Lights On” and your lights in your kitchen turn on, making it that much easier for you to bring your groceries in and see where you’re going in your house. We all know that walking into a dark house and stepping on Legos is the absolute worst.

If this home automation sounds like something you could use in your life, or you’ve just stepped on far too many legos, then give Titan Alarm a call today, we can get you set up with a custom solution just for your house and your needs and really make the smart home your best friend.


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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.

Tech Gifts for Dad

With Father’s Day right around the corner, why not get Dad an awesome Tech Gift this year? Whether your Dad is into gardening, cooking, or exercise, there are tons of awesome home automation and tech gifts to help improve your Dad’s life!

Here are some of our favs over at Titan Alarm:

1. Amazon Echo


List Price: $179

Find it on Amazon

This little guy is a powerhouse when it comes to home automation, the Amazon Echo is one of the most recently integrated devices into the alarm.com family, so if you’re looking for a useful but fun gift, then look no further. When using the voice service, also known as Alexa, the Amazon Echo can do so much! It can read you audio books, check the weather, and even turn on and off your smart home’s lights through the integration of the alarm.com application.



2. Fitbit Charge HR


List price: $149

Find it on Amazon

This FitBit is designed to track all of your activities, sleep, calorie intake and your weight, the FitBit Charge HR is the most advanced wearable device for those who love fitness. The small, but powerful wireless tracker uses your stats obtained throughout the day and the syncs it to your smartphone, that way Dad can keep track and monitor his progress throughout the day.



3. Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker


List price: $115

Find it on Amazon

This is for those mornings where Dad just doesn’t want to get out of bed without a cup of coffee. With the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker, Dad can have his coffee brewed and ready to go before he even steps out of bed. This coffee maker is attached via wifi and a smartphone application and is easily accessible, even through the morning grogginess. This awesome 10-cup coffee maker, even has the possibilities to send notifications, reminders and alerts to your Dad’s smartphone.



4. WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower


List price: $999

Find it on Amazon

Let’s be honest, Dad probably has a few better things to do then spending his Saturday mowing the lawn, let Dad spend some time relaxing and pick up the WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower. The lawn mower works off of a pre-programmed schedule, and can even run up to 7 days a week. This lawn mower is quiet and electric so you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling it on gasoline.



5. Tile


Find it on Amazon

Dad’s can be forgetful, especially when mom isn’t there to find his keys. So if this is the case, then the Tile is going to be the best gift you can get for him on this Father’s day. When Dad loses his keys all he has to do is access the app on his smartphone, and then choose to locate his keys, the Tile will then start chiming so Dad can find his keys. The nice thing is, Tile can easily attach to most devices, like keys, Dad’s wallet or even his smartphone. If Dad loses his smart phone, but has his keys or a device with a Tile on it, all he has to do is tap his Tile and the smartphone linked to the Tile will start ringing.

One of the best gifts for dad this year, that didn’t end up on the list, is a smart home automation system from Titan Alarm, if you’re really wanting to give dad a gift that is cutting edge in technology and is focused on home improvement, making your home safer, and making your whole house tech savvy, then contact Titan Alarm today, we’d love to get your dad the perfect smart home automation system today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.