Neighborhood Guide to Tucson


Living in Tucson, AZ can be a walk in the park — literally! Tucson Parks and Recreations operates and maintains several parks in and around the city that are perfect for exercising, picnicking, relaxing or seeking refuge from the oppressive Tucson heat. We’ve put together a list of some of the top parks in the Tucson area.

  1. Reid Park

Gene C. Reid Park, originally known as Randolph Park, is one of the best Tucson parks to visit for adults as well as children. Situated on 131 acres in central Tucson, Reid Park contains an outdoor performance center, a 9,500-seat baseball stadium, two man-made lakes and a zoo that’s 24-acres in size. The park occupies approximately one-third of a sprawling complex that also contains two 18-hole golf courses, an indoor recreational center and other amenities.

  1. Rillito River Park

This 12-mile-long linear park runs along the banks of the Rillito River in Tucson. Perfect for the outdoor exercise enthusiast, the park features an assortment of amenities such as walking paths, horseback riding trails and a series of exercise stations.

  1. Highland Vista Park

Located at 350 N. Cloverland Ave., Highland Vista Park includes a walking path, a multipurpose field for athletic and recreational activities, a covered playground with swings and a play structure. There’s a community garden as well. Avid readers will appreciate the on-site Little Free Library that enables you to share and exchange books with others in the community.

  1. 20-30 Club Park

Located adjacent to Highland Vista Park, this park was conceived as a water harvesting project to alleviate the storm water runoff issue in the area. Known for its crescent-shaped “boomerang” berms, the 20-30 Club Park’s amenities include a half-mile walking trail that loops around the two parks.

  1. Morris K. Udall Park

Are you looking for a great spot to take your furry companion for a little fun and exercise? Morris K. Udall Park in northeast Tucson features a one-acre turf area that gives you and Fido plenty of room to roam. Other park amenities include a dance/exercise area, an outdoor amphitheater, lighted volleyball courts, ramadas and baseball, football and soccer fields.

  1. Christopher Columbus Park

If boating or fishing is your thing, Christopher Columbus Park, located in Tucson’s Eastside District, has you covered. The park is the site of the 13-acre Silverbell Lake where you can fish for bass, trout, catfish and sunfish, or enjoy a day of swimming or canoeing. Amenities include a dog park and a playground for the kids, as well as model boat and model plane areas.

  1. Tucson Birding Trail

Birdwatchers will want to explore the Tucson Birding Trail to catch a glimpse of some of the more than 350 bird species that inhabit the Tucson area. You can also enjoy some of the most beautiful natural areas in the entire region.

Titan Alarm, Inc. Can Keep Your Tucson Home Safe

The last thing you want is to worry about the safety of your home while you’re recreating in Tucson. Titan Alarm can provide a well-designed security system that will keep your property safe during your days in the park. Contact us to learn more today.

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How Has Home Security Advanced Over the Years?


Most of us take the concept of home security for granted — few of us would dare to leave our residences for even a few minutes without at least locking the doors and windows. And with the advancements in home security technology today, we have so many options for protecting our properties against intruders and minimizing the safety risks posed by smoke, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

However, we weren’t always as conscious about security as we are today. While the cavemen probably didn’t have to worry too much about break-ins — most of them probably did not own 50” flat screen TVs or expensive jewelry — society’s growing prosperity and the increasing ingenuity of the criminal mind created the need for stronger steps to keep our property and loved ones safe. Here are a few examples of home security evolution:

  • The first burglar alarms – Burglar alarms are a central component of most home security systems. The burglar alarm traces its roots to the mid-1800s when Augustus Pope invented the first electric alarm system, which consisted of magnetic contacts placed on doors and windows. The opening of a door or window would break the connection and trigger the alarm.
  • Door shakers – The United States experienced a dramatic increase in crime immediately following the end of World War I. Many frightened homeowners enlisted the services of “door shakers.” These were essentially roving security guards who patrolled neighborhoods at night and shook the doors of residences to make sure they were locked.
  • Security cameras – Closed-circuit TV cameras made their first appearance in the 1960s. While the original video surveillance cameras were primarily used by law enforcement to monitor public areas, they eventually became a staple of the home security system. The modern video surveillance camera includes advanced Internet Protocol technology that delivers clear HD images and offers enhanced recording and monitoring capabilities.
  • Fire alarms and smoke detectors – A watershed event in the development of the modern home fire alarm system occurred in the early 1960s when Canadian researchers published a study that gave credence to the life-saving potential of heat and smoke detectors. Today, the installation of these devices is mandatory in most jurisdictions.
  • Smart technology – The development of wireless technology has led to the creation of sophisticated “smart” home security systems. The basis for smart technology is Internet connectivity, which eliminates the need for hard-wired cameras, alarms, smoke detectors and other typical security system features. Homeowners can download an app to their smartphone, tablet or laptop computer that enables them to monitor and control the security system remotely, which provides greater peace of mind.

Titan Alarm, Inc. Remains Ahead of the Home Security Evolution Curve

Although new home security innovations seem to occur on almost a daily basis, Titan Alarm keeps abreast of the latest developments. If you own a home in the Phoenix-Tucson, AZ area, you can count on us to design and install an advanced home security solution featuring state-of-the-art technology. Contact us to schedule a free in-home security consultation today.

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Best Superheroes to Protect Your Home

happy kid play superhero , boy power concept

For a little humor during your Black Friday shopping and busy holiday season, we wanted to rank everyone’s favorite superheroes on who would be best to help protect your home. Have you ever wished you possessed the awesome powers of a superhero — or maybe had a close friend who is a superhero you could call on in your time of need? A superhero could be helpful in so many areas of your life — including protecting your home against “villains” such as burglars and home invaders. In this post, we thought we’d have some fun by providing our picks for the best crime-fighting superheroes for home protection.

1. Batman

While it’s true that the “Caped Crusader” does not have any natural superhuman powers, you can’t beat his record for protecting Gotham City against some of the world’s most dangerous criminals such as the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. With just a quick flash of the Bat-Signal into the night sky, you could have Batman at your home in an instant to fend off your adversaries. And with his knowledge of and access to the latest electronic gadgets, you can be sure he’d be able to install an advanced security system that could detect and deter the crooks.

2. Superman

There’s no one tougher than the “Man of Steel.” And with his remarkable speed (faster than a speeding bullet), strength (more powerful than a locomotive) and athletic ability (able to leap tall buildings in a single bound), no home intruder would stand a chance against him. Superman’s x-ray vision would also come in handy — you might not even need to install video surveillance cameras to monitor your property. Although Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite, few burglars are smart enough to know to carry that with them when they’re on the prowl

3. Spider-Man

Spider-Man brings a lot to the table regarding home protection. His agility and wall-crawling capabilities would prove invaluable in stopping an in-progress burglary. Because he can outrun a car, there would be no chance that a burglar could escape by vehicle. With his ability to spin webs, he could wrap up the perpetrator and hold him until the police arrive on the scene. Spider-Man also possesses those intuitive “spider senses” that can alert him at the first sign of trouble, enabling him to be at your home in an instant.

4. Captain America

Captain America is all about freedom and justice — you can have faith that he will do whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe from criminals — and to make sure they receive appropriate punishment under the law. What’s more, Captain America has the strength, agility and endurance to defeat even the most challenging adversaries — this is a man who once punched Hitler in the face!

Let Titan Alarm Be Your Home Protection “Superhero”

Although you probably don’t have a superhero on speed dial, you can trust Titan Alarm, Inc. for your home protection needs in the Tucson-Phoenix, AZ area. We can design and install an advanced security system that will provide the “villain-free” home you need. You don’t have to fight crime by yourself. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation security system consultation today.

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How Often Should I Clean My Kitchen Hood to Prevent Fire?


Did you know that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, more than half of all restaurant fires in the U.S. are related to malfunctioning or improperly maintained cooking equipment? A range hood is a common source of a kitchen fire — too often, the failure to conduct regular kitchen range hood cleaning leads to an accumulation of grease that can ignite and spread quickly through the kitchen and the rest of the facility.

Here is a typical restaurant kitchen fire scenario:

  • High flames produced during cooking reaches the filter located inside the kitchen range hood
  • The filter ignites and the range hood’s exhaust fan draws the flames upward into the ductwork
  • The flames ignite the accumulate grease inside the ductwork and cause a major fire that spreads throughout the entire building and places workers and customers at risk

Tips for Knowing When to Clean a Restaurant Kitchen Hood

The appropriate restaurant kitchen hood cleaning frequency depends on factors such as the type of facility and the volume of cooking:

  • Establishments such as fast food restaurants and 24/7 diners typically experience a heavy cooking volume that requires range hood cleaning every 30 days
  • Facilities such as hotel kitchens and hospital cafeterias that experience “regular” use require a 90-day cleaning interval
  • Sit-down pizza restaurants should clean their range hoods every six months
  • Hoods installed over kitchen appliances that do not accumulate grease require an annual cleaning

Kitchen Range Hood Cleaning Steps

The general steps of the kitchen range hood cleaning process include:

  • Removing and cleaning/replacing the filter: The filter is located on the underside of the hood. If your hood has a metal filter, remove it and soak it in a degreasing solution until all the accumulated grease is dissolved. Filters made of charcoal usually cannot be cleaned and should be replaced.
  • Cleaning the hood: Cleaning the range hood itself is a simple process – just apply a non-abrasive household cleaning or degreasing spray, being careful to avoid spraying the lightbulb or any electrical components.
  • Cleaning the vent: The vent that leads from the hood to the outside of the building can accumulate grease over time. A dirty vent typically requires cleaning by a professional.
  • Maintaining/replacing the motor: The motor powers the range hood’s exhaust fan. The motor’s blower wheel can accumulate dirt and grease, which can negatively impact fan performance. If cleaning the blower wheel with a degreaser does not resolve the issue, you may need to replace the motor.

A New Range Hood From Titan Alarm Can Help Prevent Fires in the Kitchen

As a leading provider of commercial fire protection systems in the Phoenix-Tucson, AZ area, Titan Alarm, Inc. is your headquarters for a high-quality kitchen range hood for your restaurant. We offer advanced wet chemical and dry chemical range hood systems that will help to prevent fires in the kitchen — and improve indoor air quality. We can also install your range hood and provide timely maintenance and cleaning service. Contact us to learn more today.


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How To Keep Your New Restaurant Secure


Tucson, AZ features a varied and eclectic food scene — you’ll find everything from traditional Southwest and Mexican fare to an assortment of Italian eateries, steakhouses, barbecue shacks and much more. If you’re planning to open a restaurant in the Tucson area, here are a few tips that can help you stand out from the crowd — and ensure you are creating a clean, safe and secure environment for your patrons and employees:

  1. Choose the Location Wisely

 Many aspiring restaurateurs cling to the notion that location doesn’t matter — if you have great food, attentive service and an interesting concept, diners will keep coming back. However, the most successful eating establishments are often the most accessible — people want a place that is easy to get to, located in a safe neighborhood and has ample parking.

  1. Choose the Right Chef

 Your choice of chef can make or break your restaurant. Select a chef who possesses superior culinary skills — and is willing to be flexible to meet your diners’ evolving tastes.

  1. Have Sufficient Capital

 New restaurant owners often make the mistake that the initial buzz that accompanies the opening will last forever. However, most new eateries experience a significant drop-off in business once the excitement subsides. Opening with six to nine months of working capital in reserve will help you weather the storm during that crucial first year in business.

  1. Make Enhancing the Dining Experience a Top Priority

 Doing the little things that add value to the customer experience can deliver long-term dividends. Letting diners sample new dishes or beverages or giving out gift cards are inexpensive touches that go a long way toward establishing and maintaining customer loyalty.

  1. Implement a System-Based Operating Approach

 Too many restaurateurs run their establishment “by the seat of their pants,” which results in inefficiency and waste. The most successful restaurants typically operate like a company and have systems in place to control and monitor every aspect of the business.

  1. Don’t Take Shortcuts When It Comes to Health and Safety

 Tucson has strict restaurant codes and regulations in place regarding health and safety. A significant violation can put your diners and employees at risk and possibly shut down your business. Areas of focus should include fire prevention in the restaurant kitchen, kitchen hood safety and implementing comprehensive sanitation procedures.

  1. Create a Secure Environment

 A state-of-the-art security system for restaurants will increase safety and give you peace of mind. Key security system features include video surveillance cameras at high-risk spots such as entrances, cash-handling areas and parking lots, fire alarms in the kitchen and burglar alarms to protect the property when the restaurant is closed. The system should also have 24/7 remote monitoring to ensure a timely response when a fire, break-in or other security emergency occurs.

Titan Alarm, Inc. Can Meet Your Restaurant Security Needs in Tucson, AZ

 Titan Alarm can provide a reliable, cost-effective monitored security solution for your Tucson restaurant. We’re also a leading supplier of restaurant safety equipment such as kitchen hoods and fire extinguishers. Contact us to schedule a free on-site security consultation today.

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Common Causes of House Fires


What season is common for house fires? While a devastating fire can occur at any time, more home fires happen during the winter, especially during the holiday season. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, winter fires result in more than 900 deaths and $2 billion in property damage each year. And many of these blazes could have been prevented if the property owners had taken the appropriate precautions.

Common Causes of House Fires in Winter

 Did you know cooking is the most common cause of house fires during the winter months? People tend to bake more over the Christmas holidays, which can lead to people leaving food unattended in the oven. And in the colder climates, folks tend to do most or all their cooking indoors instead of on the backyard grill.

Other leading causes of winter house fires include:

  • Improper Use of Portable Space Heaters: Many homeowners rely on portable space heaters to supplement their HVAC system or keep colder areas of the residence warm. To avoid a space heater-related house fire, never leave the unit unattended and don’t let it run overnight. Keep at least three feet between the heater and other objects, and teach young children to stay away from it. Purchase a heating unit that will shut off automatically if it gets too hot.
  • Malfunctioning Heating Systems: Poorly maintained furnaces cause overheating, which can lead to a fire. Have your furnace or HVAC unit professionally inspected every year in the fall before the cold weather arrives. Replace your system’s filter at least once a month during the peak of the winter home fire season. You should upgrade your heating system every 10 to 15 years, depending on the type of unit.
  • Holiday Decorations: The holiday season is the time we ramp up our use of electrical lighting. This can overload electrical outlets and possibly cause a house fire. Many of us also use candles to create a more inviting environment throughout the home during the colder months. Make judicious use of Christmas lights and other electrically powered ornamentation and keep extension cords out of harm’s way — never run them underneath rugs or carpeting. And, of course, never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Dirty Chimneys: There nothing quite like a fireplace to provide a warm, cozy ambiance on a chilly winter night. But a wood-burning fireplace will cause a highly flammable material called creosote to accumulate inside the chimney’s liner, which can be a significant fire hazard. An annual chimney inspection and cleaning can remove the creosote building and ensure your chimney and fireplace are safe to use throughout the winter.
  • Frayed Power Cords: The shorter days of winter lead us to use our lighting and household appliances more often. Frayed or worn power cords increase the risk of an electrical fire during the winter months. Be sure to inspect the cords and replace them if necessary.

Titan Alarm, Inc. can install a reliable fire alarm system that will help keep you and your family safe during the winter home fire season and throughout the year. Contact us to learn more today.

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Best Places to Eat in Tucson

The thriving southern Arizona city of Tucson is home to approximately 500,000 residents, a figure that swells to around one million when you consider the entire Tucson metro area. All these folks share one thing in common —  they need to eat!

While Tucson is renowned for its Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine, the abundance of food options means there is something for everyone. Here is a brief glimpse of some of the top restaurants in Tucson:

  • BK Tacos – One of the most popular Tucson eats is the Sonoran dog, a hot dog wrapped in bacon and smothered with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, jalapeño salsa and other goodies. BK Tacos is one of the best restaurants in Tucson for an authentic Sonoran dog and other palate-pleasing Mexican-style dishes such as tacos, burros, tortas, toritos, caramelos and more.
  • The Oink Café – The Oink Café is a bacon lover’s dream come true! Bacon is the key ingredient in just about every menu item — you’ll find everything from bacon-filled omelets and breakfast burgers to eggs Benedict and maple bacon donuts and donut holes. Even the drinks contain bacon. A favorite is the one-of-a-kind Oink Bacon Bloody Mary.
  • Bobo’s Restaurant – Bobo’s is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive, yet satisfying breakfast or lunch option. Featuring an assortment of all-American fare, Bobo’s offers mouthwatering pancakes and omelets and a variety of hot and cold lunch menu items. A Bobo’s favorite is the early-bird breakfast special consisting of two eggs, home fries and toast that’s available Monday through Friday before 8 a.m.
  • Cup Café in Hotel Congress – If you prefer to sample the local Tucson cuisine, the Cup Café, located inside the historic Hotel Congress, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Select menu items include huevos rancheros (breakfast), southwest salad (lunch) and drunken fish tacos (dinner). And if you have a sweet tooth, you won’t want to miss the pie case and bakery that’s filled with delectable desserts.
  • Azul Restaurant and Lounge – For an unforgettable upscale dining experience, the Azul Restaurant and Lounge combines taste-tempting Southwest cuisine with a breathtaking view of the Santa Catalina Mountains from the patio. Diners rave about the Sunrise Buffet featuring lemon ricotta pancakes and cinnamon brioche French toast. Health-conscious diners will love Westin Fresh by The Juicery, which offers a variety of custom juice blends to fuel the body and promote wellness.
  • Vivace Restaurant – Specializing in Italian fare, the Vivace features numerous moderately-priced menu items such as penne with sausage, chicken and asparagus risotto and chicken meatballs with capellini. There’s also a selection of tantalizing beef, seafood, pork and chicken options.

Titan Alarm Can Meet Your Home Security Needs in Tucson, Arizona

The last thing you want is to worry about your home’s security while you’re out enjoying a fine meal. Titan Alarm, Inc. can design and install a high-tech security system that will protect your property whether you’re home or away. And who knows — we might even be able to offer a few tips regarding where to eat in Tucson!

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How a Home Security System Can Help You Save on Energy Bills

If you own a home in the Phoenix area, finding ways to lower those spiraling energy costs is probably a top concern. What you might not know is that the same security system that protects your property can also make it more energy-efficient.

Advancements in technology have led to the development of home automation, which makes it easier to control the operation of your heating and cooling system, lighting and other energy-related functions — even while you’re away. Here are a few examples of the many ways a security system saves money by reducing energy expenses:

  • Automated temperature control: Do you find that you must frequently adjust the thermostat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? A security system with home automation can include a programmable thermostat that automatically raises or lowers the temperature to keep it at predetermined settings throughout the day and night. In addition to providing convenience, a programmable thermostat can prevent the waste of energy that occurs when running your HVAC at a too high or too low temperature when no one is home.
  • Turn lights on and off automatically: Unnecessary lighting is another big energy waster in many homes. A security system equipped with automated lighting can save money at home by turning the lights off when they’re not in use. Sensors that are synchronized with the lighting can determine when someone leaves a room and automatically dim or shut off the lights. Timers are also available that will automate the operation of lights at preset intervals. In addition to helping you save on energy bills, this feature can provide additional security by making it appear that the home is occupied while you’re away.
  • Control lighting with geo-fencing: Do you often forget to turn out the light when you leave home? Geo-fencing technology automatically controls your home’s lighting based on your geographical location. For instance, this smart technology can sense when you get into your vehicle and drive away and will respond by shutting off the lights in your home.
  • Use apps to control security system functions remotely: Today’s “smart” security systems provide access to a downloadable app that allows you to control energy-related functions with your smartphone or tablet. You can raise or lower the thermostat or turn lights on or off with just a couple of clicks, even when you’re at work, running errands or away on vacation.

Titan Alarm, Inc. Can Help You Save Money at Home

Titan Alarm can help you lower your energy bill by designing and installing an advanced security system equipped with home automation technology. You will also have access to the intuitive, easy-to-use app that enables you to control all automation functions remotely with your mobile device.

Titan Alarm has been providing the best security solutions to homeowners throughout Maricopa County, AZ for more than a decade. You can count on us to recommend the right security product for your needs and budget. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation security consultation today.

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Gift Ideas for Home Safety and Security

The holiday season is rapidly approaching — and that means it’s soon time to figure what gifts to get for your family members and friends. If your list includes someone who is conscious about home security, there are several fantastic gift ideas that are sure to be a big hit:

  • Nest Thermostat: This programmable digital thermostat is the perfect complement to a home security system that features home automation. The Nest enables the user to keep every area of the home at the ideal temperature throughout the day and night, while also increasing energy efficiency.
  • Canary All-in-One Home Security Device: The wireless Canary combines a video surveillance camera that sends an alert with a siren whenever someone is outside the home. The Canary is also simple to install — there are no wires to run inside or around the home.
  • Dropcam Video Camera: This small camera is one of the best tech security gifts for anyone who wants an inconspicuous, easy-to-install home monitoring device. The Dropcam features a sweeping, 130-degree camera angle that provides a wide view of the home’s interior that the owner can monitor via smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Schlage Keyless Door Lock: If you know someone who always seems to be forgetting or losing their keys, this keyless door lock offers the ideal solution. The user can unlock the door by entering a passcode and receive text or email alerts whenever someone else uses the code to get inside.
  • Spiked Sprinkler Head Hide-A-Key: For people who would rather keep a spare key around than go keyless, this inexpensive device offers a better alternative to hiding a key under a doormat or in a flower pot. The Hide-A-Key looks just like a real sprinkler head — which is probably the last place a burglar would look for a key. Hide-A-Key is also easy to install, as no digging is required.
  • Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher: This innovative device is one of the best gifts for a security nut who is also a wine connoisseur — while it looks like an authentic wine bottle, it is a fully functioning fire extinguisher that can quickly put out a stove or oven fire. It’s also classy enough to display out in the open where it’s within easy reach if a fire breaks out.
  • Scout HD Security Camera: The Scout is a WiFi-enabled thermal security camera that allows the owner to view streaming 1080p HD video via computer, smartphone or tablet. The Scout is also equipped with a two-way audio feature that enables the owner to communicate with a visitor — or frighten away an intruder.
  • SALT Self-Defense Gun: The SALT offers a non-lethal, but effective alternative to a real gun. Instead of bullets, this self-defense gun fires rounds that contain a chemical compound that causes temporary blindness and lung constriction. The manufacturer claims that the compound is more potent than the materials used by the Department of Homeland Security and the military.

Contact Titan Alarm to learn more ways to keep your home safe throughout the year.

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Flood

Every year, flooding causes extensive damage to residences in Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout Arizona. A flood can also have tragic consequences involving the loss of life.

A July 2017 flash flood in Payson, AZ that resulted from a monsoon-like rainstorm claimed the lives of nine members of an extended family. Taking steps to prevent flooding in your house can literally mean the difference between life and death.

How Can You Secure Your Home From Flooding?

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to “flood-proof” your home and possibly prevent a disaster from occurring:

  • Install sump pumps – A sump pump is essential for keeping a basement from flooding. Be sure to choose a pump that can operate via batteries or backup generator, as a flood could knock out your home’s main power supply for several hours or even days.
  • Raise electrical components above your home’s flood elevation level – Electrocution is a significant danger during a flood. Contact a licensed electrician and have them raise all electrical components (wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, etc.) at least one foot above your home’s estimated flood level.
  • Waterproof your basement – Waterproofing your basement and basement entrances can minimize your risk of flood damage. Specific waterproofing steps include keeping gutters, downspouts and storm drains free of debris and ensuring the slope of your property will channel water away from your home. Installing foundation vents can also prevent water from entering the basement.
  • Purchase flood insurance – Many property owners mistakenly believe that their homeowner’s insurance policy covers flooding, when in fact, most do not. Review your policy with your agent, and if necessary, purchase additional flood insurance protection if it’s available in your area.

What to Do When Flood Waters Are Rising

There are several actions you should take when flooding is imminent:

  • Move your belongings to higher ground – Move as many household items as possible to elevated areas such as second- or third-story rooms and the attic. Focus on moving valuable furniture pieces, electronic devices that could cause electrocution, and important papers and documents such as your home’s deed, insurance policies and financial records.
  • Elevate appliances – While you probably won’t be able to move your refrigerator, washing machine or stove to higher ground, you can use concrete blocks to raise them off the ground and possibly prevent the floodwaters from reaching them.
  • Turn off utilities – Turn off your home’s electrical power supply to lower your risk of electrocution, as well as plumbing fixtures and gas lines.
  • Open your windows – Closed windows will not keep the floodwaters out. Opening your windows will prevent them from breaking due to the water pressure.
  • Relocate to a safe place – Trying to ride out the storm is not a good idea, especially during severe flooding. The last thing you want is to be trapped inside your home while the waters are rising. Once you’ve made your last-minute home preparations, move to higher ground and wait for the floodwaters to recede before returning. Determine the locations of the emergency shelters in your area before the storm arrives.

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