Prevent False Alarms On New Years Eve.


Prevent False Alarms On New Years Eve.


False alarms are annoying no matter when, where and how they happen, unfortunately New Year’s Eve has one of the highest volumes of false alarms. Normally during New Year’s Eve there is a rather large amount of alcohol and very small amounts of attention to detail, both of these will affect how your Titan Alarm Home Security System is utilized.

The issue that is ran into the most, is when people are having parties and they don’t realize someone was messing around with the control panel and the control panel is accidentally triggered and can cause a false alarm, which then throws a huge damper on the holiday festivities that everyone was enjoying.

Another scenario is when a customer returns home after a night of celebrating the New Year and they forget that they had armed their system when they left the house, or in some cases they forget they even have a system, and it can then trigger a false alarm, again ruining their night out celebrating.


Tips To Keep New Year’s Fun:

Here at Titan Alarm, we’re all about having a good time, so this New Year’s Eve, follow some of these tips to really make your night enjoyable, and to keep the hiccups out of your plans!

  • Keep The Party Going – If you’re decorating for your New Year’s Eve Party, make sure to keep the decorations away from key and crucial parts of your security system. Balloons, streamers and other decorations that are hung in the air, can trigger motion detectors and if you armed your system and have a balloon float in front of a motion detector, that will trigger a false alarm. The last thing you need on the last night of the year, is having the police show up and have to deal with a false alarm.
  • Home James – If you have a designated driver who’s sole responsibility for the night is to get you home and safely in bed, make sure you have filled them in on all the information they need to get you inside your house safely and securely. Set up a new user if needed, and give them a password and code to arm and disarm the house so that when they’re trying to get you home they don’t set off a false alarm.
  • Get Home Safe – If you’re going out for New Year’s this year, make sure to have a safe ride home, if you don’t have any friends that want to be a designated driver, try using Über to get you home! We want all of our customers to get home safely and be with us next year!


How To Celebrate The New Year Safely.


Believe it or not, every single minute, there is a person injured in an accident involving drunk driving. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Drunk Driving is an issue all year round, but during the holidays, the number of people involved and the risk of being involved in an accident caused by drunk driving is greatly increased. If it is possible for you and your friends on New Year’s Eve, avoid driving. Even if you haven’t been drinking, there is no way to control the actions of other drivers.


New Year’s Resolution.

Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions, and a lot of the time, those resolutions aren’t even carried out past 24 hours! Here are some of our top 3 resolutions to help you improve your life in 2016!

  • Lose Weight – With all the amazing food that has been consumed over the holidays, I’m sure we all could lose a few extra pounds and get that beach body ready by the time summer rolls around!
  • Save More, Spend Less – After the holidays our pockets and wallets are always hurting, between buying presents for our family and friends and spending money eating out and going to holiday parties, we all could use a few more commas in our bank accounts. Open up a savings account and see how much you can save this year!
  • Stay Safe – With the world in the crazy state it is in, everyone could use more security at home. With Titan Alarm we offer custom solutions for you and your home and even your business!

Titan Alarm is ready to help you out with that last resolution! Let’s at least follow through on one resolution this next year! If you’re interested in a Titan Alarm Home Automation or Titan Alarm Home Security System contact us! Give us a call: 602-680-4567 or TEXT US: 623-523-4849

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Is Your Smart Watch At Risk?



Is Your Smart Watch At Risk?


With all the new technology coming out, the smart watch is one of the faster growing industries. The “Smart Watch” can do so many new things that your smart phone couldn’t. From tracking your fitness needs, to running your home automation, the possibilities are limitless.

HP recently conducted an assessment on the security systems that are running in smart watches, and the assessment concluded that nearly all the smart watches that are available on the market are vulnerable to possible security breaches and security hacking.

HP’s research also uncovered that a lot of the sensors in a smart watch that track the wearer’s activity can also be used to monitor hand and finger gestures, which having that information in the wrong hands and wrong applications could lead a software hacker to uncover keystrokes to your sensitive information and sensitive websites such as online banking.

Online Banking

How Your Smart Watch Might Be At Risk:

HP’s research team has identified a few vital areas where devices like your Apple Watch, Android Wear or any other competitor’s smart watch might be at risk.

  • Authentication – Every smart watch that was tested by the HP Security Team had all demonstrated “insufficient user authentication and authorization,” and many of them lacked the ability to lock a user account after a reasonable amount of failed password entries. 30% of devices were open to account harvesting according to HP.
  • Encryption – In the report provided by HP, the team found that every device they tested had device encryption, although 40% of the devices showed vulnerabilities to hacking the encryption and they had a “lack of transport encryption protocols.
  • Privacy – According to HP, many of the smart watch user’s personal and professional security and privacy are all at risk. Smart watches collect data and information just like a normal smart phone does. With the above two risks no one can be confident that all of their data is secure.



SmartWatch Hacked

How To Secure Your Smart Home and Smart Watch.



Believe it or not, smart watches are not main stream for consumers just yet, what many security, app developers and tech developers suggest is to have tech and app developers invest more time and money into improving the security of smart watches before they take over and control the mainstream market for consumers. Once the appeal of smart watches and the availability of smart watches increases, it will become a high profile target for many cyber criminals and software hackers.

Until the technology is where it should be for your data and personal information to be secured, there are plenty of steps that smart watch owners can all take to protect their data, identities, and sensitive information. For Titan Alarm customers who own an Apple Watch, this is extremely important if you arm and disarm your home and use your watch on your Titan Alarm Home Automation systems. apple watch

Keep Your Information and Smart Watch Safe.

Follow these steps to keep your smart watch and personal information secure:

  • Password Protected – Make sure you use strong passwords to access your smart watch, smart phone, their applications and your security systems. Install an application that is solely for security to encrypt sensitive and personal date.
  • Sharing is NOT Caring – Be careful of any links you share, click on, or download things from, primarily in the world of social media, this can help keep you safe from phishing and spam.
  • Keep it Jailed – Don’t jailbreak your devices, jailbreaks are often the quickest way for hackers and cyber criminals to get into your devices and to your personal and sensitive date. There’s a reason Apple is against jailbreaking any of their devices, it’s for your own safety.

If you’re a smart watch owner and want to learn how to implement your new smart watch with a Titan Alarm Home Automation or Titan Alarm Home Security System contact us! Give us a call: 602-680-4567 or TEXT US: 623-523-4849

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Holiday Headaches

Holiday Headaches

The holidays are here! Along with the holidays come all their baggage of stress as well.

Between organizing events with your family, shopping and trying to travel, stress is one of the biggest issues out there. The Mayo Clinic even released an article on how to cope with holiday stress.

With Titan Alarm a Home Security System and a Home Automation System can help out with a few of your stressors, like saving money on heating and cooling during the cold winter months.




How Your Smart Home Can Help.

Energy Bills Cut.

With your Titan Alarm Smart Home Automation System you can help keep an eye on your energy bills during the winter, between presents and parties, you’re likely going to end up on a stricter budget during these times. With a Titan Alarm Smart Home Automation System you can control your energy use by monitoring and automating your home’s lights and thermostat. By doing this you can avoid the lights and thermostat being in use at unnecessary times.

Make sure to set your thermostat to your schedule, the biggest energy waster is to heat an empty house.




Keep It On Lock 

Unfortunately with the high amounts of travel that occur during the holiday season there are a lot of break ins and crime that occurs, make sure to keep an eye on your house with the mobile capabilities you have with your Titan Alarm Home Security System and check in on your house with mobile video monitoring.

Stay Connected


All of the above smart home features help benefit you and your loved ones during the holidays, there are so many different solutions out there and Titan Alarm wants to have the opportunity to connect with you and find the best solution for your needs. To learn more about Titan Alarm and what solution will fit you best give us a call! 602-680-4567 or TEXT US! 623-523-4849

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Snowbird Security

In Phoenix, we all know that this city is a hub for snowbirds! So this one is for the ones who are lucky enough to escape the heat during summer and enjoy our perfect winters.

Many of you leave your homes unattended during the summer months, if this is you, make sure to follow the tips we have below.

1. Appearances Are Deceiving.

Burglars and Intruders have a great eye for homes that are vacant for the summer, there’s a lot of signs for them to tell by.

Here are three that are easy to prevent:

  1. Unattended Landscaping – This one is pretty easy to prevent, hire a landscaper or neighbor to help take care of your landscaping while you’re away for the summer.
  2. No activity in the house – With a Smart Home Automation System from Titan Alarm, you can turn lights on and off with preprogrammed times to make it appear that the house is lived in.
  3. Mail, newspapers and notes piling up. – Ask your neighbors to pick up your mail, or put a hold on your mail at the post office, or even better, get a P.O. Box so that the mail is stored for you.


One of the easiest steps to make a burglar think twice is to have a Titan Alarm sign in your front yard. Make sure yours is clean and visible to the public.



2. Make Your House A Fortress.

This tip is to keep burglars and intruders out of your house. Keep your home a fortress to unwanted visitors, make it harder if not impossible for them to get into your house.

Titan Alarm offers motion detectors, video event verification and security cameras, if utilized correctly these can keep burglars out of your house or have the police instantly alerted if someone is trying to break into your home.

Make sure before you leave for the summer that all your doors are locked. Install a security door too, the more steps they have to take to try to break in the better. Before you take off to your other home, do a walk through of the house and make sure all doors, windows and any possible points of entry are locked and secure.



3. The Toughest Is Titan.

The last tip, is to get a home security system from Titan Alarm with a Video Surveillance System and Video Event Verification. Installing this will give you the opportunity to check in on your house remotely from your smartphone or computer. If a burglar does try to break in, the Home Security System will quickly contact you and the police to make sure that the police arrive as quickly as possible.

Let Titan Alarm handle your  home while you’re away for summer. You won’t be in better hands.

If you’re looking for a company to take care of all your Home Security needs in Phoenix, Sun City, Surprise, Goodyear, Buckeye, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Chandler or Mesa then look no further.

Contact Titan Alarm today to let us take care of your house while you’re off enjoying better weather! Call us 602-680-4567 or TEXT US 623-523-4849

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Winter Is Upon Us

Be Ready For Winter.

With Winter upon us, make sure that your house is ready for winter, whether you get snow where you live or you are one of the lucky few who have a home that’s in a snowless climate, these tips are great for you to do anyway before it gets too cold out.

1. Clean Those Gutters 

As snow melts, the water needs a clear path from the roof away from the home. Otherwise, you run the risk of flooding. Even if you don’t expect snow this winter, cleaning out your gutters can help prevent flooding with rain as well. Regularly clean out excessive build up of fallen leaves, pines and debris to prevent overflow later.



2. Trim Shrubs and Trees

Check the outside of your home to see if any tree branches have grown or are falling towards your home. Snow and ice and wind can weigh, sway and shake these branches to the point where they can break off and cause a lot of damage to your house or vehicles. Take action ahead of time and trim branches before they get too big or too bent.

broken tree


3. Plant a Windbreak to Conserve Energy

By planting shrubs, or small trees, you can help break the cold winds from hitting your house, which has proven to help with heating bills by helping keep out some of the cold from getting into your house. By planting a windbreak you can save up to 30% on your heating bill!



4. Smart Home Thermostat

A Smart Home Thermometer from Titan Alarm can help you put your house on a schedule, that way your house isn’t heating up while you’re away, wasting electricity, you can also set up a geo fence for your house to help your house be just the right temperature for you when you get home. To learn more about geo-fencing check out this blog we did. Click Here.



5. Keep An Eye On That Space Heater.

During the winter months, the fire departments see a massive increase in fires started with heating equipment. A recent study showed that at least half of all home fires between December and February are caused by space heaters and heating equipment.

To help prevent these kind of fires, furnaces, chimneys, space heaters and radiators need to be cleaned regularly and be sure to keep those blankets and wrapping paper away from them as well!

space heater


6. Utilize Your Smart Home

With a Titan Alarm Smart Home System, you can keep your home safe and armed, turn your lights on and off, keep your thermostat at just the right temperature and so much more! If you want to learn more about a Smart Home System from Titan Alarm, contact us! Give us a call: 602-680-4567 or TEXT US! 623-523-4849

smart home


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Titan Alarm, the Top in Home Security Systems.

Technology is advancing constantly, which means Home Security is as well. Titan Alarm is always up to date with technology and the newest things in the home security industry. Many Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Avondale, Peoria, Surprise, Goodyear, Buckeye and Gibert residents trust Titan Alarm to be their Home Security provider.

Are you still on the fence? Check out why so many customers use Titan Alarm and trust us to protect their home.

Remote Access: Titan Alarm’s home security systems give you access to your home automation all from your smart phone! With the app you can arm/disarm your home security system, open and close your garage, lock your doors, turn on/off lights, control the thermostat and so much more!

Cellular System: The Titan Alarm home security system is all completely wireless, so if power is cut to your house or your phone lines are cut by someone trying to break in, your system still functions! That way you won’t put yourself and your house at risk of a burglary because your lines were all cut.

Smartphone Notifications: As well as being able to remotely access your home security system, you’ll also receive notifications straight to your smart phone. If any alarm is tripped, or there is someone trying to disable it and or destroy it, you’ll be sent notifications instantly to let you know. Along with notifications for your Alarm, the program gives you severe weather alerts as well!

The Best of The Best: At Titan Alarm we only hire the best, so you can rest assured knowing that the technician coming out to install your system is one of the best in the industry. Your home security is our pride and joy to take care of, so expect nothing but the best from the best.



If you are interested in getting a Titan Alarm home security system installed in your home, then give us a call today!


or TEXT us!


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Home Security Boot Camp

Welcome to Home Security Boot Camp, here you’ll learn a few affordable measures to keep your home security up to par, and learn some vital information in the process.

The most important thing about home security is keeping your home and family safe. That means teaching your family how to be safe, giving them what they need to be safe, and instilling a Titan Alarm Home Security system to keep an eye on them when you can’t! Thanks to technology home security systems in Phoenix and Arizona are now more advanced than ever, not to mention finally affordable for the average family’s income. The peace of mind knowing that your family is safe is priceless.

More and more now a days people are searching for advanced wireless home security systems more than just a basic opened door or window alarm system. People are wanting wireless security cameras, home access control, temperature control for the home and so much more! With all these changes and advances in technology, you can keep your home and family more safe than ever before!

Now with active monitoring services, say goodbye to owing your neighbor a favor for watching your house for you, with 24/7 active monitoring from Titan Alarm and our home security services you can keep an eye on your house every minute of everyday with mobile phone notifications, so you can sleep easy even if you aren’t in your normal bed, but in a hotel in Tucson while your house is kept safe in Phoenix. If there ever was an event where emergency services were needed at your house, such as a fire, or break in; our monitoring staff will notify the local authorities immediately and they will be dispatched to your residence.

Multiple studies have shown that if it is going to take longer than a few minutes to break into a home, a burglar will leave and head to another place. If they have to work in the light, or can’t enter without making a lot of noise, they’ll most likely leave for an easier target. Strategically placed security lighting and a home security system will increase your odds against a break in.

So what’s next you’re asking? How can you take the next steps to protect your home?

Contact Titan Alarm today, you can either call us at 602-680-4567 or TEXT US at 623-523-4849.

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3 Reasons for a Wireless Security System

When shopping for a new Home Security System in Phoenix or Tuscon, you’re going to be faced with a lot of different companies, with a lot of different packages and offers for you for your home. When you’re shopping though, you should remember these 3 perks of having a Wireless Security System.

1. Remote Control

One of the MANY advantages of having a wireless security system in your home, is having the ability to check in on your home from anywhere you are. If you’re out with friends or stuck in the office for work, you can check your cameras with your handy smartphone! You also can check if you forgot on the lights, or would like to turn the lights on to keep intruders out. Have you had issues with the house being too hot or cold when you’re gone? Easy fix. Control your wireless thermostat with your smart phone.


2. Instant Notifications

Along with Remote Check-ins another amazing resource is to have notifications sent to your smartphone when an event happens in your house. Receive notifications any time a door is opened or unlocked, that way you can see who comes and goes, or have notifications sent if your home security system is armed or disarmed.


3. Programmable Features

This is one of our favorites here at Titan Alarm! Did you know that your lights can be programmed to turn on based off of what time it is? Do you have constant fights with your alarm clock in the morning? This is your solution, program your lights to automatically turn on at a certain time to kick you out of bed! Do you leave in a rush in the mornings? Set up a geo-fence that will trigger all the doors to lock, lights to turn off, and thermostat to turn up once you get a certain distance away on work days!


Wireless Security Systems are one of the top trending security systems available now a days! If you’re interested in learning more contact Titan Alarm today! Give us a call 602-680-4567 or TEXT US 623-523-4849

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What To Do After Your Business Was Robbed

Has your business been broken in to and burglarized? That’s one of the worst things that can happen to a business. We wanted to go ahead and give you four tips to recover from a break in at your business.
While the whole situation is still fresh, do these 4 tips as fast as possible for the best results.

1. Contact the Police.

If your business has been robbed, there’s evidence all around you, inside and out of your business. It’s important you notify the police right away and they will be able to send out forensics experts who can examine evidence.

2. Inform Your Insurance Company.

After you’ve contacted the police, make sure you call your insurance company, the sooner, the better with them.
Be prepared with the following information, that way the insurance company can adequately assess the situation.

A summary of the crime.
An estimate of when the crime happened?
Damage done to the property and business, including losses.
Depending on the severity of the burglary the insurance company might send out a claims adjuster to inspect the property.

3. Take inventory of your facility.

After you’ve made the proper calls, make sure you have your employees do a thorough inspection of their workspaces and work areas, have them list any losses they’ve noticed.

4. Call Titan Alarm.

Your business is how you survive, it’s your living. Titan Alarm wants to help you keep your business safe and sound.

Let Titan Alarm show you how affordable and easy it really is to get the best security for your business.
Schedule a free consultation today! Call 602-680-4567 or TEXT US 623-523-4849

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Commercial Security Needs

As your business is growing, so are your security needs. In 2013 there was an estimated 345,031 robberies reported nationwide, and that number keeps growing and growing every year.
With this information, you need to make sure that your security systems are fine tuned to fit your business’ needs.

car lot

Your Business’ Risks

Every different business has different problems that have different security needs.

For example, a car lot needs to keep an eye out for vandals and car thieves, so they need a lot of cameras, video verification, and motion sensors for when the car lot is closed at night.

Although there are a lot of outside threats, there are also risks inside businesses as well. A retail store can face employee theft, customer credit card information and cash theft all from varying inside sources.


Your Business’ Solutions

No business’ needs are identical to others, although all businesses run the risk of theft and break ins, every business varies as far as their industry and where they are located.

Hiring a security company and partner, like Titan Alarm, who is invested into what’s best for your business is by far the easiest first step. Business owners have worked too hard to make sure their products stick out in the vast over populated market now a days. They put so much time, effort and passion into their products, they should put the best they can get to make sure they’re protected and safe. A local security company that has the experience you need, and the hometown feel you want will actually give you the time of day and make sure that you get the best you need for your business.

Titan Alarm is a local company in Phoenix, Arizona and now Tucson. We offer solutions for every business’ needs. Let us come out and give you a free commercial security consultation, and help your business’ security grow.

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